ASR has provided Aerospace products to various customers.  From Defense Contractors to Amateur Rocket enthusiasts.  Focusing on Solid Rocker Motors means that ASR has become a leader in the field of low-cost propulsion.  With excellent reliability and consistent performance ASR Rocket Motors are well respected by it's customers. ASR Milestones 2014: Rockets Supplied to DEFY’s TV Ad featuring Siya Xuza 2013: Rockets Supplied to the BAR-ONE Manhunt TV Reality Show 2012: New propellant, KEM, production started 2009: ASR supply Rocket Motors for a DENEL/SAAB project 2008: Worked with Entacore Electronics on a commercial Altimeter for use in Rockets 2007: First confirmed Rocket Flight to over 10 000ft AGL 2006: Rocket launched from DENEL’s OTR with ASR hardware 2006: First SA Space Camp held with SAAO/NRF/HMO 2006: First Aerial Video Footage from a Rocket in SA 2006: First Rocket launched at an Airshow in SA 2005: Production of local commercial Propellant starts 2004: ASR becomes the first private company in SA to get a license to produce Rocket propellant. 2004: ASR Founded